We don’t just know the law. We understand you.

The decisions you make concerning commercial disputes are crucial. That’s why it pays to pause, step back and talk them over with a trusted advisor. Someone who has your best interests at heart and is prepared to get to understand your situation, so you can then make better informed choices.

Someone indeed like Philip Noyce. Having worked with clients in the UK, EU and Worldwide, we have extensive experience in offering high quality, professional, strategic advice to individuals, businesses and organisations.

Whatever your situation, it’s vital you work with a specialist who can cut through the noise and clutter and bring you a bespoke solution. This could include us:

  • Representing you or your business by drafting submissions in an arbitration
  • Advising you on how to proceed with a claim for damages
  • Auditing your business for trade assurance
  • Giving you guidance on a force majeure notice

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Meet Philip Noyce. A specialist in your corner.

With experience in the industry spanning nearly 30 years, Philip Noyce is an arbitrator and advisor to the practices’ clients and the managing director of our business.

He established the company in 2012, following a trading and contract execution career in the commodities sector, where he worked for established commodity traders and shippers. And as an arbitrator and dispute resolution professional, he now helps businesses in the UK and worldwide on a wide range of activities.

The unrivalled expertise you want on your side:

  • Philip today acts as either a sole arbitrator, a party or arbitral body appointed arbitrator, or as an appeal board member.
  • He has supported a broad range of trade and arbitral bodies with an enviable reputation – such as FOSFA (Federation of Oils Seeds and Fats Associations), Gafta (Grain and Feed Trade Association), Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) and a number of other bodies.
  • He became a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in 2016 and has been awarded the Institute’s Advanced Certificate in Arbitration.
  • Philip is a past chairman of the AIC Contracts Committee – and sits on the current AIC Contract and Arbitration Committee, the FOSFA Oilseeds Committee, the FOSFA Contracts Committee and the FOSFA Arbitration Committee.
  • To progress dispute resolution in the UK, Philip has also developed a simple set of arbitration rules which can be used by consenting parties who require a legally enforceable award.