Case Studies

Experience is everything with commercial disputes.

Which is why we have a decisive edge, when it comes to getting up to speed with your situation and hitting the ground running. Here are just some of the recent cases we have helped to resolve:

  • Philp Noyce successfully advised a UK client in the seed industry on contract terms, regarding a potential dispute over the germination of seed supply.
  • We successfully claimed damages for a UK farming client when a buyer was incorrect to reject a 600 mt malting barley contract.
  • We gave advice to an EU client where goods were shipped and, on arrival at the discharge port, buyers failed to pay and subsequently entered a tenuous claim for poor condition and infestation.
  • Philp Noyce specialises in advising on the sale of goods, so we were well placed to help one such client who had grounds to reject imported milling wheat.
  • One client’s buyer had rejected a large consignment of animal feed material, incorrectly asserting it was genetically modified. We helped that client draft a claim under arbitration rules to claim damages for their losses.
  • We also continue to support a range of clients, including growers, shippers, traders, millers, maltsters, brewers, food manufacturers, insurance companies, storage facilities and lawyers.