23 September 2020: Law Commission releases proposed reforms to English Arbitration Act

23 September 2020: Law Commission releases proposed reforms to English Arbitration Act

“The Law Commission is pleased to announce the publication of its consultation paper on the Arbitration Act 1996. The consultation paper, and a summary, can be read on the project page. Responses to the consultation are very welcome, especially using this online form. Consultation closes on 15 December 2022.

Professor Sarah Green, Commissioner for Commercial and Common Law, has said:

“The Arbitration Act was a landmark piece of legislation which helped to propel London to its position as the foremost destination for international arbitration today. While it continues to function well, over 25 years later, some parts of the Act may benefit from being updated and refined. Our proposals are designed to ensure that arbitration law is efficient, effective and responsive to modern developments. By making further improvements, we can help the UK to consolidate its status as a global centre for international dispute resolution.”

Lord Christopher Bellamy KC, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Justice, has said:

“The UK has long been the world’s best destination for arbitration, and the Arbitration Act 1996 is internationally regarded as the gold standard of arbitration legislation. After a quarter century of success, it is right that the Law Commission is looking at the Act to ensure that the legislation remains relevant in the 21st century. The work of the Law Commission and those who contribute to this consultation will ensure that the Act remains world-leading for many years to come.” “

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