Our Services

If your case involves arbitration or consultancy work, then Philp Noyce are here to help.


This is where we act for our clients, either in:

  • an arbitration, or preparing arbitration submissions
  • negotiating settlement terms,
  • helping with contractual terms,
  • advising clients under the international sale of goods, shipping problems, quality problems, defects in goods, calculating demurrage and dispatch claims through to trade assurance issues.

The work is varied and covers a lot of parameters, so give us a call for an informal chat to see if we can help you.


This is the core of our business. Philp Noyce can accept appointments under a large number of institutional arbitration rules, but our specialist knowledge in procedure means we can also help a client obtain a positive outcome in arbitration proceeding. By drafting arbitration submissions, collating evidence and handling the case.

Resolving differences with a different way of working

Rest assured, at Philip Noyce the one thing we don’t see as a commodity is our clients.

No other person or business shares your circumstances, needs or aspirations. They’re specific to you, and whilst you need advice, it is important you talk to an expert who will focus on understanding your goals and help you devise the right strategies to achieve them.

Every day brings a different dispute

We deal with commodities like wheat, barley, rice, oilseed rape, linseed, soyabeans and vegetable oils. We deal with contracts where these have, amongst others, been loaded onto a truck, delivered FOB or shipped C&F, CIF or CIFFO. And we deal with goods in the UK, EU and all four corners of the globe.

The one thing we can’t handle is slow thinking. When a dispute arises, it needs to be managed swiftly and effectively. The passage of goods in a UK contract, or in international shipments, will happen quickly, so any kind of delay will tend to bring cost, in demurrage, in management time.

From dealing with a problem at its initial outset to handling a case in arbitration, we can help by providing a strategy or dynamic advice. Our extensive experience of arbitrations and procedures involving commodity contracts makes us an ideal partner for handling the serving of a statement or case, or a defence in arbitration proceedings.

Consultancy advice that’s more ‘you’.

By consultancy we mean helping you out, in any way we can.

This could see Philp Noyce analysing a detailed demurrage or despatch claim. It might mean us drafting terms and conditions for your business. Or you may want us to review the terms and conditions of a buyer or seller, so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

In any event, we’re here for you.

We’ve also helped clients to streamline their business or resolve problems with a cargo, truck or vessel. One such example saw us successfully handling the cargo insurance claims on a cargo of malting barley. And we have successfully managed the rejection of milling wheat on trucks into the UK and containers of linseed into South Africa

Your go-to Trade Assurance partner

Need help with trade assurance? At Philp Noyce we can use our experience in the field to evaluate your business, with a view to advising you on which trade assurance is required. Or we could pre-audit your business, to make certain you are ready for a trade assurance audit.

Reviewing HACCP plans for trade assurance schemes is one of our key areas of expertise, if you want to ensure your business has the correct food management safety procedures.

We have also undertaken regular internal audits for businesses for facilities, including outlaying storage facilities. This may include audits under TASCC codes of practice, including storage, merchanting, general code and testing.

We’re here to investigate

Want to carry out an effective investigation? Leave it to us. Whether we’re rooting out potential quality problems in the supply chain of malting barley to a shipment, or successfully auditing stores to uncover potential farm assurance problems, our drive and curiosity mean we’ll leave no stone unturned.

Call for the expert witness

As well as acting for both lawyers and parties in arbitration proceedings, Philip Noyce has provided expert witness testimony over a wide range of subjects ranging from charterparties, individual commodities, issues under quality and condition and issues around demurrage.

Training from the people who know best

Do your staff know, or need to know a buyer’s and seller’s obligation under an FOB contract? Do they understand the insurance of shipped goods, or the bill of lading law? Are they suitably trained to make the right decisions for your business?

Training programmes in the sector are often only tick boxes for trade assurance. Whilst these might show that your staff have undergone some training, they’re no real substitute for face-to-face bespoke training.

At Philp Noyce our training sessions are not only tailored to the needs of those being trained but delivered by a qualified arbitrator with 30 years of experience in trading and contract execution.

For more details of our training programmes, give us a call and find out how we can tailor a package for you and your staff.